Company Values: what do you stand for?

In this online world its easy to forget that businesses is still very much about what you stand for and what are your ethics. It seems its never been easier to start a business and you could potentially hide in behind the online world, but still I believe people by people and for me it seems more important that you make an informed choice about who you do business with. Think about your company values for a bit. Who do you know, Like and Trust?

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Customer Persona: Just who is Mrs M&S anyway?

Marks and Spencer were heavily criticised last week when they unveiled that as part of their renewed strategy, that for clothing, at least,  they would be focussing on their core customer who they call Mrs M&S.  Described by them as a 50 something who shops with them around 18 times a year and who wants “stylish contemporary clothing”  this announcement was actually part of a 5 point program but this was lost amidst the criticism of their patronising view of their customer.

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