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March 2018 | Caroline Sumners

Why consistent communications is key for business growth

We all know that communication is what helps us builds long-lasting and powerful relationships. Whether that is in business or our personal lives. But often our schedules get so crazy with admin, meetings, sales and marketing stuff that ‘soft’ things like keeping consistent comms with others slowly slip to the bottom of the pile.

This is strange given the importance that business leaders give on high quality and consistent communication. Read any leading book on sales, business or networking and I bet you would lose track at how many times communication is mentioned as a powerful tool for helping others and getting what you want.

So, because we LOVE to help you out. To keep you on track and motivated, in this article we give a few reminders as to why consistent communication is absolutely key to the success of your career, your business and even your mental wellbeing.

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The role of social media for all business

Everyone knows that businesses need social media to be successful. But ask a business owner WHY they need social media and they may be stumped. Often when asked they will give vague answers like:

“Because my competition is doing it” or “Because that’s just what businesses do”

But understanding the true reason why businesses should use social media will give you a much better grip on how you should be using it as well as acting as a motivating factor to ensure that your social channels are kept up to date with all the latest from your brand. As well as making sure you are using it as a powerful marketing tool to increase your brand value.

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Small business: sales and marketing collaboration

It is an age-old battle. Sales v marketing. Who benefits the business the most? Who is really responsible for the businesses income? Who has the best moves at the staff party?

With the subtraction of the last question (obviously marketing wins this 😀), these questions are actually ridiculous. Not only are they ridiculous, but asking them is potentially massively detrimental to the wellbeing of the health of the business. It is like asking which of the tyres on your car had the biggest impact on your drive to work this morning.

These questions are boring, pointless and fundamental flawed. In this article, we aim to prove why these questions suck and why sales and marketing should be working in collaboration.

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Building your marketing team: how to resource your marketing in a small business

When running and growing a small business you will inevitably come across a challenge as to how to resource your marketing efforts and whether you should outsource your marketing efforts or employ someone in-house to take control of marketing and do the majority of work for you.

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