Moving Fast But Getting Nowhere?

You’re on a date and it’s going well. The conversation’s flowing, there’s a teeny spark and you’ve decided you’ll say yes to a second date. It’s dessert time. You bite into a piece of chocolate cake. Woah Nelly! There’s diamond ring in there. He’s proposing?! On the first date!? But you don’t even know his middle name?! 

That’s a hard no, right? 

Sounds far-fetched, but that’s how most people market these days.


Marketing Is About Building Relationships And Having Conversations.

Hey, I’m Caroline.

I climbed Mount Kilimanjaro because I love adventure, never say can’t and am one fiercely determined woman.

I’ve always had a taste for international travel, but I love to be at home too, where I live with Rufus my Miniature Schnauzer. If you’d like to meet him, I’ll bring him along to our first appointment or sometimes he even puts in an appearance on zoom!

I fell in love with marketing when I become the European Marketing Manager for IBM. Their approach was innovative and holistic. It was all about creating, nurturing, and maintaining relationships. And that is more important than ever.

Implementing this approach saw amazing results and showed me that having conversations can easily turn into customers and clients.

I loved this approach so much that I got down on one knee and said “I do” to marketing.

We’ve been going strong for 20+ years now.

Along the way I added a bunch of certifications to my marketing experience which means you know I’m not just someone who decided one day to start a marketing business.

I’m HubSpot & ONTRAport Certified, and one of a select few UK Digital Marketer Certified Partners. I am also a little bit obsessed with chatbots and the power of conversational marketing. 

I work with B2B companies to reach their audience in the place and time that suits them. I’m here to give you more.

More web traffic. More leads. More clients.

More revenue. More profits. More money in your personal bank account.

Holistic marketing is the how.   And it starts with conversations and customer experience.

My bottom line is improving your bottom line.

Let’s start the conversation.