The importance of knowing your WHY in business

Question – what do you do as a business? Maybe you answered “we do Facebook advertising”, “we make really cool socks” or “we clean people’s ovens for them” (awesome business, nobody likes cleaning their oven). Perhaps you answered “we believe businesses should look the best they can in the digital world”, “we believe men should dress sharp and look cool as an ice cube” or “we believe people should spend more time with their families and less time doing rubbish tasks around the house”. If you answered something like the second lot of answers, you probably have a much better grip of your WHY in business. This is key to growing a long-term profitable and sustainable business. In his industry shaking book Start With Why, Simon Sinek states why businesses that understand their why are the only businesses that will survive in the long term. In this article, we give a few reasons on why it is important to know your why as a business and really knowing your business vision.

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Company Values: what do you stand for?

In this online world its easy to forget that businesses is still very much about what you stand for and what are your ethics. It seems its never been easier to start a business and you could potentially hide in behind the online world, but still I believe people by people and for me it seems more important that you make an informed choice about who you do business with. Think about your company values for a bit. Who do you know, Like and Trust?

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