7 mistakes business make with marketing

mistakes business make with marketing

Never has it been easier to set up your own business and get your voice out there quickly and relatively easily. The number of tools available is astounding and not a week goes by when we don’t see another tool on the market that promises to transform how you do business and how you promote … Read more7 mistakes business make with marketing

How to network in the digital age

How many followers or friends do you have on social networks? It may be hundreds if not thousands. Now answer me this, how many of those people would you feel comfortable with asking for a real favour? Not too many I should imagine.


In the digital age, our connections are becoming vaster in number, but increasingly lower in quality. Yet the point of tools like social media and digital communications was supposed to make meaningful connections easier.


Not only is this pretty sad in terms of our personal mental wellbeing, but it also fails us in a business context as well. People do business with people they like and a loose ‘follow’ or ‘like’ is far from somebody truly trusting and liking you.


In this article, we look at a few things you can do to improve your networking in the digital age and get more out of these tools we use every day.

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The importance of knowing your WHY in business

Question – what do you do as a business?

Maybe you answered “we do Facebook advertising”, “we make really cool socks” or “we clean people’s ovens for them” (awesome business, nobody likes cleaning their oven).

Perhaps you answered “we believe businesses should look the best they can in the digital world”, “we believe men should dress sharp and look cool as an ice cube” or “we believe people should spend more time with their families and less time doing rubbish tasks around the house”.

If you answered something like the second lot of answers, you probably have a much better grip of your WHY in business. This is key to growing a long-term profitable and sustainable business. In his industry shaking book Start With Why, Simon Sinek states why businesses that understand their why are the only businesses that will survive in the long term.

In this article, we give a few reasons on why it is important to know your why as a business and really knowing your business vision.

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Why consistent communications is key for business growth

We all know that communication is what helps us builds long-lasting and powerful relationships. Whether that is in business or our personal lives. But often our schedules get so crazy with admin, meetings, sales and marketing stuff that ‘soft’ things like keeping consistent comms with others slowly slip to the bottom of the pile.

This is strange given the importance that business leaders give on high quality and consistent communication. Read any leading book on sales, business or networking and I bet you would lose track at how many times communication is mentioned as a powerful tool for helping others and getting what you want.

So, because we LOVE to help you out. To keep you on track and motivated, in this article we give a few reminders as to why consistent communication is absolutely key to the success of your career, your business and even your mental wellbeing.

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