Corporate Events: 5 Suggestions from a corporate venue finder


Venue sourcing can be time consuming and confusing. Not only do you need to ensure that the your venue has all the facilities that you need, but depending on the event you planning, the venue can make or break the event. You might want the venue to wow, with a view or with its architecture, but you also want it to be on brand. What does the venue say about you and your company?  So check out our ideas for venue sourcing fabulous venues, that will not only make your event planning easier, but will also make your event one to remember (for all the right reasons)

All of these venues offer something a bit different and will guarantee that your venue wows.  On these venues you can take our word for it – we have been to them all but always remember when event planning and venue sourcing you should always do a site visit. See our blog on Venue Finding 101 or if you are too busy then ask your corporate venue finder to do the visit for you! That is all part of the service with us anyway.

Download our Venue Finders Checklist to help you with your next venue finding

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