Five reasons to always use a venue finder for your event planning

What’s a Venue Finder I hear you say? Ok so i know it is pretty obvious but it can really help you to take your event planning to the next level. So how does it work? You write the brief and they do their magic and find you the venue that fits your brief, your brand and your requirements. Using a venue finder may be a relatively new concept for most organisations or companies. From experience, every company is recommended to have a venue finder agency to help them save some time, effort, and money that they can use for their actual event. The right venue company will focus on tailoring a plan that best fits your requirements and will work with you to ensure that you create a great event.


However, what’s the deal if you hire one? What are the benefits? Here are 5 top reasons as to why you should hire a venue finder for your company’s (or even for your own) event:

1) Knowledge & Experience

Most venue finders have a lot of knowledge as to looking for a venue, logistically. They have the necessary skills for scouting venues, whether it be up in the most secluded mountains, down to the best resorts that would give your company their much deserved balance of work, and R&R. Apart from that, they already built a great network of venue choices most probably from past work that they’ve done, or just by the people they meet along the way and all. They will let you know your options, the pros and cons of choosing a particular venue; and of course, will make a way when it seems that finding the perfect venue’s impossible. Check out our Venues that wow for some ideas or ask us for more ideas.

2) Stress Levels

This is self-explanatory. You don’t have to endure the stress of being the one to look for a venue that works for you. Imagine what you’d have to go through if you took it upon yourself to do so: having to scout venues based on its capacity, location, amenities, environmental factors, and such. We can save you time, money and stress and you can pick from the list we give you – ok you might need to do a bit more than that but you get the picture

3) Time

Apart from the stress, it saves you time that you can use in planning for your company event. You could pour your time in arranging other aspects of the event, such as food, activities, meetings, sponsorships and other things. Venue finding companie have the convenience of both national and international contacts as part of their repertoire. The fact that they have direct contact to these venues means that they can have quicker results, from quick responses they can get from their venue contacts.

4) Money

Depending on what you need or are looking for, the budget can be negotiated in a way that it’s more affordable for you. Who doesn’t want that? They can find you great deals without necessarily breaking your bank. Since they have the experience, and the venue contacts, they can be the ones to arrange an agreement that’s beneficial for all parties. Not only that they save you money in the time you would have been doing the searching so you can get on with your other jobs!

5) Hassle – Free

This generally saves you time. Time to go to and from the different venues you have in mind. Time to organize and coordinate with the people in those different venues. You don’t have to keep tabs on the various, numerous things that you’ll be dealing with. You won’t even have to feel any pressure, or problems with finding a venue. With all these extra time and effort on your hands, you can focus on executing your other tasks. 

Venues are just as important as any other aspect in making an event. It determines the atmosphere, the overall feeling of the event.  You still need to make sure you look at the venue before you commit – see our blog on Five reasons you should always do a site visit. And that just makes it that much harder to look for one. You have to consider so many things when looking for a venue. That’s why hiring a company like Fifty One Degrees makes it a lot easier for you, for your staff and for everyone else. 


Want to know more? then download our Venue Planning Checklist for your next event


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