Hire me as your Freelance Marketing Director


It isn't a buzzword anymore.

So you did what any smart business owner does. You Frankenstein-ed a marketing plan with conflicting advice that chops and changes based on the latest marketing trends.

Even though you’re paying an assistant to show up online, it’s starting to feel like you’re spending more money on marketing than making money from your marketing efforts.

You know marketing is a core part of your business strategy but you don’t want to spend all your non-existent spare time learning how to become a better marketer in addition to being the business owner and CEO.

The reason your marketing feels so useless right now is because it’s not measurable. And that’s the number one rule of marketing.

Marketing Must Be Measurable.

It’s not enough to show up in the market and take up space. You must show up strategically.

If you can’t tell me the results of your recent marketing campaign, then marketing isn’t working for you.

It’s working against you.

Using up your business resources.

Marketing is the strategy that drives your entire business forward.

Sure, there’s a lot of theory out there. But don’t you just wish that someone could just tell you what you’re doing wrong, what you should be doing, and how on earth to go about doing it?

That’s why you need a Freelancer Marketing Director like myself.


Digital Marketer Certified Partner + Freelancer Marketing Director.

Let me take your marketing strategy and identify missed marketing opportunities, streamline your strategy, and get real results from your marketing efforts.

Outsourced and within budget, hiring a freelancer marketing director saves you money. Don’t shell out for a salary employing somebody full time.

Specialised and expert, hiring a freelance marketing director gets you the best marketing for your business.

Without being tied to one industry and one company, I’m able to go deep and wide, borrowing strategies from other industries to deliver results.

The COVID-19 Effect

COVID-19 has turned many marketing plans + strategy into obsolete pieces of paper.

If you’re a business who’s needed to pivot or restructure how you do things, chances are your marketing needs a makeover too.


Get certified, results-based marketing that’s tailored to your business needs.


I’m a Digital Marketer Certified Partner which means I’ve got my finger on the pulse.

Results-Based Marketing.

Get a systemised marketing process to follow which gets results.


Cookie-cutter doesn’t cut it. That means your marketing is focussed to your needs.

From Revamp To Big Reveal.
Meet Your New Results-Based Marketing Strategy.

Marketing is the strategy that delivers on your business goals + objectives.

Marketing grows your consumer base, increases your profits, and turns your brand into a must-have.

Here’s what bringing in a marketing director looks like:

Strategy. Direction. Sales.

Working with a freelance marketing director, we’ll develop your marketing map, your customer lifecycle, and turn that into an actionable marketing plan. I’ll also brief you and your team, review + approve all marketing deliverables, and review results.

If you’re not getting results, a freelance marketing director like me will find out why and fix it.

Free up time so you can dedicate it to leading your business towards success.

With one of the most hands-on services in the industry, hand over your marketing to us.