Marketing Isn’t Something You Tick Off Your To-Do List.

It’s A Conversation.

Contrary to popular belief, marketing isn’t just throwing up a post on social media and watching the notifications roll in. It’s not a once off advertising campaign either. And it’s not just a Black Friday sale.

Marketing isn’t a transaction. It’s an experience.

Behind every interaction is an actual human being.  

The era of conversational marketing is here. And the business that rises to the top and wins is the one who connects to their audience. Because people buy when they feel connected.

5 Ways To Connect, Compel + Convert:

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Don’t know how to build a marketing plan? (Or don’t even know you if you need a marketing plan?)

If you’re just getting started in business, totally baffled by social media, clueless about inbound marketing or just don’t know where to go next, I can get you back on track!

My 30-minute small business strategy session will guide you through finding the holes in your current marketing strategy (and the blind spots you have for them) and create a comprehensive, effective digital marketing plan.



According to Daniel Priestley, potential clients need to interact with your business for 7 hours, with 11 touch points AND in 4 different ways before they will become a trusted friend or client.

One promotion, one post, one video?

Not gonna cut it, lady.

If you want to be successful in today’s marketing world, you need to create a system for consistently sharing and interlinking your blog, website, store, guest blog, email, videos, social sites and more.


Don’t be. I’ll teach you exactly what to do.

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